The most important reasons which have contributed in the wide expansion of medical travel are the following:

  1. High quality medical services in low prices
    The development and the expansion of medical tourism has resulted from the countries’ ability of supplying high quality medical services at significantly more affordable prices. Medical visitors have enough resources to purchase healthcare in low-cost medical tourism destinations but insufficient to afford the same services in their home country.
  2. Long Waiting Lists
    Patients are willing to travel abroad for healthcare in order to receive timely treatment and avoid long waiting lists at home.
  3. Lack of adequate health insurance
    Most medical travel is for procedures that are not adequately covered by home-country health insurance. In countries where there is no widespread national healthcare, the lack of adequate health insurance, or no health insurance at all, are some of the reasons motivating people to seek treatments abroad.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality
    Medical visitors choose to obtain healthcare in a foreign country because a treatment abroad may guarantee privacy and confidentiality, which many patients prefer, especially when undergoing treatments such as plastic surgery.

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