How do I arrange my treatment abroad?

  • Send us all necessary documentation via email such as previous medical history, passport copy etc.
  • Based on your initial medical report our cooperative physicians will review your medical records and determine
    the treatment plan, the cost of treatment and the proposed length of stay.
  • Upon your request we will schedule a Conference Call with a physician.
  • We will send to you a Cost Estimation Form which includes the treatment cost, the accommodation and airplane expenses for the patient and the companion/s -if applicable.
  • Upon your approval we will schedule the procedure and we will send to you the proposed quote for travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Upon your signature of waiver and payment we will send to you the itinerary for your medical visit, accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • We are able to facilitate you with the visa issue procedure- where applicable.

What are the necessary documentation for my hospitalization/hotel check in?

Necessary documentation for your check in and hospitalization

1. Copy of previous medical records

It is required that you bring a copy of your previous medical records including written medical reports, radiology images, lab tests results, prescriptions, etc.

* Please note that the medical record will be maintained at the medical facility in which you will be admitted and it will not be returned to you, so make sure that you have made copies!

2. Medical Documents

  • Valid patient’s insurance card or European Health Insurance Card (EU Citizens)
  • Hospitalization card or proof of private insurance (if available)
  • Physician’s medical note
  • Detailed list of all prescribed drugs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, etc that you are currently taking

3. Other necessary documents and information

  • EU Citizens
    Passport or official identification document
  • Non EU Citizens
    Passport (valid for at least six months)
  • For all patients
    We will ask you for telephone numbers and contact details of emergency contact persons, so please make sure you have informed the people you will register them as emergency contact.

What to bring along?

During your stay at the hospital, you may bring some personal items for your convenience and better adjustment. We recommend that you bring:

  • Personal hygiene items
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses
  • Magazines, books, newspapers
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Calling card

What not to bring along?

If you are planning to travel alone and with sole purpose to receive your treatment you will probably spend more time in the medical facility in which you will receive your treatment/operation.

In this case we advise you against bringing:

  • Jewelry or other valuables
  • Large amounts of money
  • Important documents (other than the personal identification documents)
  • Expensive clothes, shoes or personal items
  • Electronic devices

What to expect upon my Arrival?

Our team will:

  • Welcome you and your companion at the airport and accompany you at the hospital/ hotel to check them in.
  • Provide you with a local SIM card number.
  • Arrange for interpretation services during your stay, if requested.
  • Escort you in the arranged initial consultation appointment with the attending physician.
  • Facilitate you with the admission procedures at the Patient Registration Office.
  • Escort you in all arranged medical appointments, if requested.
  • Provide you with an Appointment Card after every visit to the physician/s in order to keep track of the next appointment.
  • Assist you with information and bureaucratic procedures (i.e. visa renewal procedures- if applicable).
  • Arrange transportation to and from the hotel for you and your companion/s (if applicable).
  • Provide local information and tours (excursions, entertainment, shopping, etc.)

Should I Bring A Companion?

  • We understand that your family and friends are a significant moral factor that supports and contributes positively to your therapy and hospitalization experience. Care Access is more than happy to assist your companion during your treatment/hospitalization period and arrange various activities and excursions.

*Please be aware that your companions should also have all necessary traveling documentation (passport, visas etc) required for coming to Greece.


  • However, even if you cannot travel with a companion, or prefer not to, you won’t feel alone during your medical visit. Our team will be at your disposal to ensure that your stay in our country during your medical visit will be memorable.
    If you’re staying in a hospital, the quality of care and attention you will receive will be truly remarkable.

How long do I need to stay in the hospital?

The length of your stay will be determined by your attending physicians’ opinion according to the type of operation or care you will receive and the progress of your health condition.

What to expect upon my Discharge?

Our team will:

  • Arrange final follow up appointments with the physicians concerning the course of treatment and the expected outcomes.
  • Ensures that you will receive an electronic and/or a hard copy of your medical records from your hospitalization, including a Discharge Summary Report, a Follow Up and Discharge Card and a Fit- To- Fly Form based on the date you travel home and each airline company’s protocol.
  • Facilitate you and your companion during the check-out from the hotel.
  • Arrange the transportation to the airport and accompany you on the day of the departure.
  • Organize a follow up communication with you in regards to your recovery process and overall satisfaction during your treatment and stay.

For any other information, please, contact us

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